lagi hyper, bukan laper.

While I'm writing this, I'm in the Counselling class where my counselor showed us the new high school curriculum. Only 30% of Jakarta high schools will use it, but according to it, we'll choose our major in the first year which is so exciting!! I want to choose Language because duh. And I can't wait to study Anthropology!!

While my friends are worrying their asses out about the high school passing grades, I was pretty much calmer. Because I'm already accepted in a high school and I can't wait until the new schoolyear starts!! I'm dead curious of my new school and the students. I've stayed in public school for a long time I could predict every situation and everyone's movement. It's time to move to a new social laboratory, where I'll be the minority versus the whole school (no, it doesn't have to be like that). I can't wait to observe the situation and everyone. I hope there will be a Language major. I'm DYING to find out would my high school experience be as fun as my mom's tales?

I'm also looking forward to The Summer Break of Eternity. Two months baby!!!! There are TONS of things to do and books to buy, I don't even care if it'll feel like a heartbeat at least I'd have a good time.

Er are we missing something? The exams of course. Yes I hope with the possitive energy flying around me I'll keep my head in the game and ace all the exams with flying colors. WE CAN KICK THIS EXAM'S ASS HARD!!!! There's no time to be tired, there's no time to melancholize THAT guy (is it really necessary for me to write it down here DO I REALLY HAVE TO). I have to fight for this, and it will be a strong motivation to get higher results than that smartass. Aaaah I'm really excited I don't know why but I feel like facing the Wizarding World War II or The Battle of Narnia and even though those two doesn't really connect with exams but I have a feeling this is gonna be epic!!!!!!!!

Sorry for abusing the exclamation points and all the hypeness, and not posting any quality posts lately but don't you see I'm very busy right now??? You guys should pray for me, okay? Wish me some huge Felix Felicis shot of luck for me, my exams, and my life. Fun fact: these low-quality posts are copied straight from my diary entry, and I think YOU'RE the one who should thank me for embarassing myself. Someday I'll read this entry again and will think I was drunk of too much chocolate milk. 

Um, bye.

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